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Friday, March 4, 2011

Hero 4 - The Barbarian

Art by imric1251

Hero 5 - Revised
Human Male Barbarian – Barbarian is a giant of a man, like 7 foot, curly black hair, black eyed, moderately good looking, loin cloth and boots clothing, muscular macho man type, aka Conan the Barbarian archetype.  
Sequence to Dancer (Ballerina type)

Bob reading from the scroll ‘The Barbarian – Uncouth would be an understatement when describing this brute, surviving in the harsh wilds from their youth they pride themselves on their savagery. Having lived in the wilds this warrior is often more like a beast then man and when cornered even more dangerous but as they say “Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast” though all animals are different.’
Bob thinks up Music of the Dark Beast (Looks like an evil floating musical score)
Scene 1-2 – Barbarian finds himself in a concert stage sounds coming from all around him as instruments are seemingly playing themselves “Infernal racket! Like your noise would stop me!” he says destroying them.  “I already have your scent Bob you hear me!” his shouting is interrupted by the sound of the ‘Ding’ as the Barbarian finds himself twirling in response.
Scene 3 – “The hell!” he says looking only to find one instrument remaining next to the musical score it is one of those dinky triangle percussion instruments. Only to sweat drop as a dozen more appear as they start to play. “Ah crap…”
Scene 4-8 – As they play he finds he can’t stop spinning/twirling, as he spins his loincloth changes into a tutu as the transformation spreads up and down from the tutu as his body changes. His eyes getting swirly as his body shrinking transitioning into a petite drow gothic/black ballerina outfit (black swan) as it finishes playing she stops spinning fully transformed.
Scene 9 – The Ballerina Barbarian with spinning stars around her head mumbling ‘to much twirling… make everything stop spinning’ Bob sweat drop while whose reading from the scroll ‘Barbarian though useful can overdo it as their pride is surprisingly inflexible so once trained you might find them practicing to much.’

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