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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Extra Hero 2- The Monk

Extra Hero 2 - The Monk
Art by Ai

Also Poll is closed, Card Trick is the winner.

Also question, should I keep including the scripts or does no one care after the fact?

Extra Heroes 2 –
Human male Monk - full bald, super muscular buff guy, bracers, shirtless, kung fu pants.
Sequence to Drider girl. (Drow spider hybrid, aka drow with 4 eyes and fangs, spider hybrid body/multi-limbs.)

Bob reading the scroll 'The monk, master of martial arts of all types and the legendary ki attacks. The sheer amount of training they have devoted is clearly outlined within their muscles, though this is also balanced it with their minds. This balance prevents mental attacks, however since they like displaying their muscles they have a propensity to wear minimal cloths and use their fists do the talking.
Bob thinks up 'Charlotte's Cursed Web' looks like spider webs but black instead of white and web spelled out.

Panel 1 - Monk wakes up in what looks like abandoned chamber, dust covering floor, the sole exit blocked by the web which has a 'no trespassing: violators will conform' spelled out on it.
Panel 2 - as he pushes the webs out of the way his arms get stuck to them, struggling they intertwine them more and more wrapping up his arms .
Panel 3 - he then stops for a moment and uses a super kick (flash kick or such) to try and break the web but instead gets fully tangled in it.
Panel 4-8 - struggles as the web wraps and tightens around him until he's fully cocooned, the web letters 'punishment' are spelled out across it. As the shape of the cocoon takes on exaggeratedly feminine proportions, x-ray view inside the cocoon his body changes to match the proportions of the cocoon as his skin darkens, additional leg/arms form, etc... Eventually emerging from the cocoon fully transformed into a female drider.
Panel 9 - Drider weight lifting/working out boob's jiggling within her web clothing as Bob's semi distracted looking at them while reading the scroll "Monks will figure out how to exercise even in the strangest of settings, so take extra care it you capture them as they may become stronger from the imprisonment, some may even enjoy it."

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  1. Please, please PLEASE keep including the scripts! Half the humor comes from Bob's dealing with the afterwords!


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